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Forged Steel Flanges:
The flanges supplied by us are produced from carbon steel and furnished in accordance with following industry standards:
Material: ASME and ASTM standards A105 "Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Applications".
Dimension, beveled ends  and tolerances are according to:
ASME and ANSI B16.5 "Pipe Flanges and Flanges Fittings",  ASME B16.47 " Large Diameter Steel Flanges"  MSS SP44 "Steel Pipeline Flanges"and so on.
The type of  flanges are Welding Neck, Slip-on, Threaded, Socket Welding, Lap Joint, Blind etc. The class we supplied could be from 150 (PN20) to 900 (PN160) and more.
The products features of us:
  High Class Materials
We use only high class raw materials of carbon/alloy steel pipes made from qualified manufacturers and equipment for ordinary, high pressure, low/high temperature, boiler and other purposes.
  Uniform Wall Thickness and Perfectly Round
This can be achieved by our particular technical knowhow and our quality control program.
  Accurate Dimension
Efficient piping work can be made only with fittings of correct dimensions and shapes. Our fittings and flanges are finished to have accurate straight/plane ends, beveled angle...etc. to applicable standards by means of two or three spindle beveling machines.
Our Flanges
If you want to enquire and to order our products,
please let us know you information as follows:
  Flanges type: Welding Neck(w/n), Slip-on(s/o), Socket Welding(s/w), Lap Joint(L/J), Threaded, Blind(B/D).
  Standard: both for Dimension and Material.
  Size: such as, 1/2", 2", 4", 8" and so on
  Pressure Class:  150#,  300#,  400#  and so on.
  Destination Port
As we get your inquiry, we will soon give you our best offer and delivery period.
1. Holes accurately drilled for ease of assembly. 
2. Spot facing ensures seating of fasteners true and square.
3. Grain flow controlled for maximum strength. 
4. Smooth accurate bore for unrestricted flow.
5. Machine bevel and land facilitated good welding. 
6. All faces machined within tolerances to ensure true alignment.
7. Full identification of size, pressure class, material and heat code.


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