As a petroleum machine and equipment manufacturer, Tubing and Casing pipe are main products of us. ASTM F480 - 06be1 Standards API 5CT oil casing pipe; Petroleum casing pipe 1. Standard: API 5CT-0735 & Grade: K55, J55, N80, H40, L80, M65, C90, T95, ... are the products standards which we supplied according to. Tubing and casing that manufactured by us are using high quality carbon steel.

Application: Tubing is used to extracting petroleum and natual gas from a well. Casing serves as walls of a well of oil fields.


Samples of casing and coupling            

Not only with our manufacture equipments, we have equiped some examine and test facilities. X-ray detection machine, ultrasonic detector, hydrostatic pressure test machine, chemical composition analyzer and other physical test machine, which to insure the products in quality.  

We are renowned in many petrochemical industries for providing high performance Seamless Pipes.

In general, seamless steel pipes, tubing and casing of API 5CT standards products are our strong production ability. But we can accept the orders of different standards from our customers as they have their requiements. Supply seamless steel pipes according to the requiements of our customers is our job. Supply the products which you needed is pleasure of us.


CNC machine for Casing 

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Hydraulic pressure test


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